Don’t let IRS Problems Sink Your Boat

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Denson Pepper specializes in helping taxpayers like you file years of unfiled income tax returns.

By Denson Pepper
November 11, 2023

Keep the Boat Afloat
You may feel like you may soon be treading water with your unfiled income tax returns. I specialize in helping people—like you—file years of unfiled income tax returns. You are not alone; the people I speak with daily are all concerned about filing years of unfiled returns.

You May Wonder What if…
Maybe you are wary of bringing yourself to the attention of the tax authorities. I understand your concerns, but you must begin the process of your own volition. No one else can make that decision for you.

Don’t be Embarrassed
Another common concern may be that I will somehow pass judgment on you for not filing your returns. Don’t worry; I am not one of those people. My job is to help you file your returns and deal with the tax authorities if you have a tax liability. My goal is to help you achieve peace of mind.

It Might be Messy
Filing multiple returns is usually a messy process, but that’s part of it. It is not unusual to take four to six months to get all returns filed and assessed. This timeframe may include returns that must be filed by mail, because electronic submission is no longer available.

A Welcome Lifeline
I specialize in this process and am happy to answer your questions. Please call me to discuss your situation. If we miss each other, please leave a message and I will call you back. I want to help you achieve peace of mind and smooth sailing in the future.

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Are you a small business owner who hasn’t filed taxes?

September 29, 2023

By Denson Pepper, CPA

My firm specializes in three services of benefit to small business non-filers.

The first service is to reconstruct the necessary records in order to prepare what the IRS requires of businesses: adequate books and records. Many businesses that have not filed income tax returns for multiple records have inadequate records as a basis for an income tax return’s preparation. This preparation includes the creation of a balance sheet and profit and loss financial statement.  This is done by creating a QuickBooks Online account. Another benefit of this service is the client now has a way to summarize information going forward. A stipulation of many repayment agreements with the IRS is that the taxpayer will file returns and pay the liability on a timely basis going forward.

The second service we provide is to assist the client in filing all returns necessary to put them in compliance with IRS requirements. In compliance usually means filing the most recent six years of returns. We obtain a power of attorney from our client. This enables us to look at the complete tax history of the client so there are no surprises.

The third service we provide is helping our clients deal with the IRS and State of Georgia if taxes are owed. We advise our clients of all the alternatives. The client may then make an informed decision. We then assist in the implementation of that decision.

We have found that providing these three services together is more cost effective for the small business client.

My office is in Acworth, Georgia. If you wish to meet me to discuss your situation, I am happy to oblige. All I require of you before we meet is that you are serious about resolving your tax problems.

Tax resolution work can be made to appear to be extremely complex but usually that is not the case. Your tax problems can become more difficult to resolve if you don’t respond to notices and the time remaining to appeal is shortened.

If you haven’t filed your last 6 years of returns, you must first file them so the IRS will consider some kind of repayment plan.

Denson Pepper is a CPA in the Acworth/Kennesaw area with 30-plus years of experience. He is an expert at helping people resolve their income tax problems. Call 678-797-5241 to make an appointment.

Are you serious about your IRS problems?

By Denson Pepper | August 31, 2023

I am in the business of helping people file their income tax returns. If necessary, I will then assist them in dealing with the tax authorities.

Please don’t call me unless you are serious about accomplishing these goals. I wish you well but there are only so many hours in a day.

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More and more non-filers will be receiving notices in the future. The IRS is beginning to consistently use software to find people who have not filed their taxes as required.

If I assist you, be prepared to participate in the process. Please don’t expect to drop off your information and then disappear.

I also don’t promise potential clients that the process will be pain free or not take a continuing effort on their part. I can say that you will have a greater peace of mind knowing these issues will not pursue you anymore.

Denson Pepper is a CPA in the Acworth/Kennesaw area with 30-plus years of experience. He is an expert at helping people resolve their income tax problems. Call 678-797-5241 to make an appointment.

IRS Announces Intent to Begin Collection Activities Again

By Denson Pepper | August 14, 2023

Hoping for an IRS payment plan? It’s possible, but…
If you have not filed your income tax returns for the last six years, the IRS will not accept any repayment proposal from you. If you owe taxes from prior years but have not filed all returns, IRS Collections will send you notices which may result in a levy action. It is best to file all required income tax returns before the IRS begins their collection protocol.

image of a past due tax collections notice from irs

The IRS has signaled its intent to aggressively resume its normal collection activities.

Haven’t heard from the IRS lately? You’re not alone.
The IRS put their usual collections efforts on pause for about three years, but recently announced that collection efforts will begin again in late summer. You may receive notices threatening liens or levies. If you have not filed all your returns, you will need time before you can address the liabilities. It’s best to file the returns before you deal with any tax liability.

Did the IRS file your return for you?
The IRS may file a return for you and assess a liability. This is called a substitute for return. Their calculation of your tax owed is usually higher than if you had filed yourself.

How long can the IRS collect unpaid taxes?
The federal government has ten years to collect assessed, unpaid income taxes. The key word is assessed. If a tax return has not been filed by either the taxpayer or the government, then the statute of limitations does not begin, resulting in potential liability in the future.

Are you avoiding opening mail from the IRS?  
Always open—and reply to—notices in a timely manner. If you ignore these notices, your options decrease with time. It then may become costly to appeal any governmental decisions.

Don’t want to go it alone?
Call a tax specialist like me to help you determine the next steps. In a non-threatening manner, I help taxpayers resolve their tax situations.

Denson Pepper is a CPA in the Acworth/Kennesaw area with 30-plus years of experience. He is an expert at helping people resolve their income tax problems. Call 678-797-5241 to make an appointment.