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Unfilled Payroll Returns Can Cause Serious Problems

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The filing of income tax returns for business owners includes more than just filing a Form 1040 and a state personal income tax return. Many small businesses are pass-through entities, such as S corporations and partnerships. A personal tax return cannot be completed until the business returns are filed. Pass-through income must also be reported on the personal return.

There can be a substantial penalty imposed for unfiled payroll returns. The reconstruction of accounting records is often necessary. Fortunately for business owners in Acworth, Woodstock, Rome, Hiram, Dallas, and Dalton, GA, Denson Pepper CPA is here to assist in cases of unfiled quarterly payroll reports.

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The sooner you file, the fewer problems you may face

Unfiled quarterly payroll reports are a very serious matter. Business owners have a fiduciary responsibility to their employees, meaning they have a legal obligation to make timely deposits with money withheld from employees' pay. Failure to make payroll deposits and file payroll reports can quickly become a criminal matter.

The IRS and the Justice Department will often prosecute all responsible parties. This type of non-filing quickly becomes both a civil and a criminal matter. Denson Pepper CPA can assist in filing all necessary payroll reports and then address outstanding tax liabilities with the IRS and state authorities.

We will do everything necessary to properly file your returns. Among other things, we can even provide you with professional representation before tax authorities to address income tax liabilities. Contact us now to discuss your needs with a tax professional.

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If you own a small business in Acworth, Woodstock, Rome, Hiram, Dallas, or Dalton, GA and have neglected to file payroll taxes, you should contact Denson Pepper CPA right away. We'll provide you with:

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