Denson Pepper CPA

Denson Pepper CPA

My name is Denson Pepper. I am a CPA. I have been a CPA in Public Practice for more than 30 years in GA. My office is now located in Acworth, GA. I specialize in helping people with their IRS and state income tax problems.

Non-filing of returns is widespread in our country. Many people seem to believe that if they don't receive an IRS notice inquiring about a return, they are not subject to filing. This misconception will probably cause a lot of financial and legal heartaches in your future.

There are also several unpleasant consequences to non-filing. The IRS will often file a return for you with scant deductions allowed. If you don't submit your return in a timely manner, you will be assessed this incorrect amount and it becomes a costly process to have it corrected. If you are due a refund but don't file the return within 3 years of the return's due date, the IRS is legally allowed to keep your refund. A bankruptcy filing is not allowed until all returns have been filed. The statute of limitations never runs on non-filed returns.

How i do it

Absent fraud, the IRS will normally not audit a return after 3 years of receipt and assessment. A non-filed return is theoretically open to audit forever. Once a return has been filed and assessed, people sometimes have trouble paying the balance due. I help negotiate an Installment Agreement on taxpayer's behalf. Or, sometimes, a classification of currently not collectible is allowed.

Offers in compromise are touted in TV and radio ads. It is possible to get the IRS to accept this arrangement but acceptance is not as prevalent as these ads would have you believe. In fact, attorneys general in many states and the IRS crack down on these mostly false promises. The more likely outcome in most cases is a negotiated installment agreement. However, we will do the calculations to see if a client is a good candidate for compromise acceptance. Dealing with the IRS is a process. Patience and perseverance are necessary qualities.

Looking Ahead

Our dealings are always on a professional basis with the IRS. We are retained to get the outcome that is in the best interest of our clients. We do not make unrealistic promises to our client. Our philosophy is to get the best outcome that all parties can live with and abide by. Our goal is to give our clients the peace of mind knowing the problem has been resolved. We communicate with our clients on a timely basis. All work is done pursuant to an engagement letter. It is usually best to have someone else represent you before the IRS. It takes any emotion out of the conversation and prevents the IRS from using your words against you.

We do not charge clients based upon a percentage of "savings". We charge based upon estimated time to reach a resolution. We are nonjudgmental with our clients. Our job is to help resolve your tax problems.