Service Options for Unfiled Tax Returns, Audits, and More


Get Help For Unfiled Tax Return Audits, and Notices

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• Help taxpayers understand notices received and what must be done
• Prepare prior year unfiled income tax returns and analyze alternatives for payment of unpaid taxes.
• Represent clients before the IRS to resolve issues.
• Help professional practices (i.e. doctors, dentists, veterinarians, lawyers, realtors, chiropractors) coordinate tax resolution of their personal, entity and payroll tax problems
• Reconstruct Records
• Review filed returns for accuracy
• Review taxpayer transcripts for accuracy and possible savings
• Determine which tax liens can be removed or subordinated
• Minimize or eliminate garnishments
• If IRS has filed returns for you (substitutes for return), file accurate returns
• Analyze alternatives available with unpaid taxes
• Represent clients in collection due process hearings
• Represent clients in tax audits and audit reconsiderations
• File all necessary state income tax returns and represent clients